Before you begin any meditation, take an extra couple minutes to get set up. Below are my 9 tips to help you have a blissful meditation.

9 Tips Before Meditation

  1. Arrive rested
    • Arrive rested to practice so that you are not tempted to check out and fall asleep.
    • Avoid caffeine, especially if you are sensitive to it. It can lead to jitters and restlessness.
  2. Get cozy
    • Grab a couple cozy pillows and/or blankets to sit on or rest on.
    • A bolster may be a nice prop for under your knees if you like additional support for your lower back.
  3. Create soothing light
    • Open/close the blinds, dim the lights, light candles or turn on your favorite lamp.
    • Good lighting can make a world of difference.
  4. Let peace fill your ears
    • Silence your cell phone or turn it to airplane mode if possible.
    • If soothing music is helpful, feel free to turn on your favorite playlist (would recommend words-free, but that is entirely up to you!)
  5. Consider adding aromatherapy
    • If you find that certain scents help you focus or relax, feel free to incorporate essential oils nearby in a diffuser or light your favorite scented candles.
  6. Find a comfortable and supported posture
    • Meditation does not need to be completed seated, although it certainly can be.
    • You may choose to lay down in constructive rest pose  (on your back with knees bent, feet wide on yoga mat and knees collapsing together to touch), in savasana, seated in sukhasana (easy seat) or maybe balasana (child pose).
    • Arrive in a space that works for you that day.
  7. Give yourself permission
    • If you become very uncomfortable and need to move your physical position, give yourself permission to rearrange. Once you’re comfy, jump back in to your practice.
    • If your mind wanders, simply become aware of it. Acknowledge the thought and then return to your meditation. This is completely normal and will happen every time you practice at some point.
  8. Start small
    • There is no need to worry about meditating for any given duration. Just allow yourself to start. See what happens and go from there.
  9. Come back to a mantra
    • Although not necessary, a mantra can help tremendously if you find your mind wanders. Traditionally in yoga, your guru would help you create a mantra for yourself. If you don’t have a dedicated guru (I know I don’t), a couple great mantras are:
      • “SO HUM” which translates to “I am that”. Inhale “SO” exhale “HUM”
      • “I am light. I am love.” Inhale “I am light”, exhale “I am love”.

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Namaste lovelies,