Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Andrea offers a full spectrum of formats designed for optimal mental, physical and emotional health. Benefits include cardiovascular stamina, muscular strength, balance, mobility, alignment, healthy breathing patterns, mental clarity, and balanced emotions.

Deep Stretch + Restore Yoga

Nourish and revitalize your body, mind and spirit. Deep stretches will relieve muscular stress and tension. Guided breath work, relaxation and meditation will soothe emotional and mental reactivity. Let stress melt away, and invite your bliss body to come forth.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

A mindfully paced Tantric yoga inspired practice with flow and deep holds to build both strength and flexibility. Inversions, backbends and arm balances may be incorporated. Practice is suitable for all levels and can easily be modified and/or enhanced. Savasana and brief meditation will close this practice. Leave feeling replenished, but never depleted.

Sculpt and Burn

Build strength and sweat! A yoga warmup, followed by cardio and strength circuits blend together to create one fun and challenging workout. This class is suitable without any equipment (weights and household props will be used on occasion). Audio instruction, demonstration and modifications will be offered for all fitness levels. All are encouraged to modify/enhance as you wish. Grab your sneakers, water and towel. Let’s have some fun!

Sweat & Stretch

​This class combines High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) with deep stretching to give you the best of both worlds. This workout designed to sculpt every part of your body, as well as increase stamina and improve strength. Think exercises using your own body weight: push-ups, planks, etc. The extended stretch sequence at the end will increase flexibility and reduce soreness. Shoes encouraged.*Offered through Straightline Dance Fitness!

Guided Relaxation

30 minutes of guided relaxation in savasana. It is helpful to have a thin blanket or thin pillow to support your head, and layers to stay warm and cozy. Rest is different than sleep, and equally important. This 30 minute practice is the equivalent of a 90+ minute nap.


Pranayama (breath work), guided visual imagery, and/or chanting may be incorporated so you can start your day from a place of intention and clarity.

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