Overview of Monthly Video Access: Every month, two new full-length yoga and fitness classes (with music) will be released. One class will be Yoga, and the other class will be Fitness-based (e.g. yoga conditioning, strength with weights/bands, HIIT)  An overview of both class formats will be sent to you every month

Purchase Options: If you choose to purchase, simply send payment via Venmo ($15/one class; $25 for two classes) to @ABologeorges. Upon receipt, you’ll receive a link to class which is valid to access for the entire month on repeat. Reach out to me via email abologeorges@gmail.com if you do not have Venmo and wish to purchase.

Scroll down to view the class descriptions for the month of December:

55 minute Strength Circuit Class

  • Warm-up: Yoga flow to open up your quads, hamstrings, calves and spine
  • We will move through (3) circuits that work your entire body. Each circuit has (4) moves repeated two times through. Think push-up and plank variations, side body glute/core exercises, sit-ups, reverse burpees and cardio!
  • Equipment:  2-5 lb hand weights used for only 1 of 12 exercises in the circuit; mostly all bodyweight only
  • All Levels – class held at a mindful pace (not rushed)
  • Options given for those newer to fitness as well as seasoned fitness practitioners

60 minute Hips and Spine Yoga Flow

  • We’ll begin with a dynamic core warmup to both strengthen our connection to center, and open our hips.
  • For our standing work, we will flow through a series of standing poses like low lunge, triangle, side angle, wide legged folds, goddess, wide legged twist variations and more.
  • We’ll also practice shoulder openers and backbends like bow pose, dynamic cobra and upward dog; in addition to hip openers like double pigeon.
  • Equipment: None, optional block can be used for any of the poses as you wish
  • All Levels