Tantric philosophy uses the energy body and breath to shift the mind through the tools of asana, bandha, pranayama, chakras, mantra, kriya and more. As you may have realized, it is really hard to start with the mind to control the mind! Our thoughts are often so encompassing and overwhelmingly difficult to control, so by leveraging the power of our energy body and breath we are better equipped to bring about peaceful thoughts.

Practicing yoga is about positively impacting the physiology, mind, and subtle anatomy through living in accordance with nature. A yoga practice that is guided by nature incorporates the following six energetic systems:

  1. Nervous system
    • Para-sympathetic
    • Sympathetic
    • Social
  2. Energetics
    • Building energy
    • Reducing/purifying energy
    • Balancing energy
  3. Doshas – three biological humors, the subtle forces that animate your physiology and psychology
    • Vata
    • Pitta
    • Kapha
  4. Prana vayus – the five natural subtle rhythms of the body
    • Prana
    • Samana
    • Vyana
    • Udana
    • Apana
  5. Chakras – seven concentrated energy centers
    • Muladhara
    • Swadhisthana
    • Manipura
    • Anahata
    • Vishuddha
    • Ajna
    • Sahasrara
  6. Gunas – three mental qualities
    • Sattwa
    • Rajas
    • Tamas