I have always been an avid hiker, outdoor lover and adventurer so it’s hard to believe but this past weekend was my first time camping! I decided to be fully present for this new experience and turned my phone off for two days. With this time in nature, I set an intention to give my mind a break from its usual course of thinking; and instead, chose to devote all my energy towards seeking inspiration from nature’s wisdom. Below I’ll share two reflective experiences and sources of knowledge that were revealed to me during this introspective time outdoors.

  • Merge into what feels true within and around you for effortless direction.
    • I found myself meditating on the flow of the blue-grey trout-filled waters, clearly and steadily streaming along with purpose. In my eyes, the stream appeared to know intrinsically and exactly in what direction it needed to move towards and at what pace. The last several months I have been praying for clear seeing and for life to feel less ‘stuck’. The purity of these waters reminded me there is an absolute, ever-evolving source of intelligence within and around me. My ability to locate and MERGE into this source of true knowing will bring about effortless answers and purposeful direction.
  • Let go lightly from a place of appreciation for what’s past, and with trust and patience for what lies ahead.
    • After long hikes to expansive vistas of fall-colored trees, I would take in the beauty of the vibrant colors while patiently looking for falling leaves. Observing the leaves release and gradual descent towards the ground seemingly appeared consciously chosen, demonstrating their trust and patience that a beautiful cycle of seasons lie ahead. Their easeful descent downward reminded me that releasing old patterns does not have to be jarring and abrupt and it may even have to happen in situations that are professedly beautiful. Sometimes it’s necessary to let go to move forward. An appreciation for what’s past can bring elegance and ease to this release and transition.

What I experienced physically was simply beautiful – colorful fall views, fresh unpolluted air and stressless simplicity. And what I experienced spiritually was truly divine inspiration.

May the love of pure intelligence surround you in a warm hug of direction, and provide you with a deep appreciation for what’s past and what’s to come.

With metta (loving kindness),

Andrea Bologeorges