Overview of Monthly Video Access: Every month, two new full-length yoga and fitness classes (with music) will be released. One class will be Yoga, and the other class will be Fitness-based (e.g. yoga conditioning, strength with weights/bands, HIIT)  An overview of both class formats will be sent to you every month

Purchase Options: If you choose to purchase, simply send payment via Venmo ($15/one class; $25 for two classes) to @ABologeorges. Upon receipt, you’ll receive a link to class which is valid to access for the entire month on repeat. Reach out to me via email abologeorges@gmail.com if you do not have Venmo and wish to purchase.

Scroll down to view the class descriptions for the month of November:

60 minute Yoga Conditioning and Strength

  • Warm-up: Supine lower body stretching for your hips/glutes and pilates/yoga abs work on your back
  • Table pose Flow for hip mobility, balance, full body strength and spinal mobility
  • Plank series to work the sides of your waist and abdominals
  • Yoga flow and weighted strength with asymmetrical weighted movements like single-arm rows, lunges, tricep kick backs and more. We’ll enjoy stretches along the way to recover before changing sides
  • Strength circuit to close: Squats and bicep curls to close class before stretching

Equipment:  5-8lb hand weights used towards the middle-end of class

All Levels – class held at a mindful pace (not rushed)

55 minute Yoga – Forward Bends and Twists

  • We’ll begin in seated with a breathing meditation before moving into a dynamic warmup with table variations and a lunge series to open up your hamstrings.
  • Vayu Salutations will move through yogi squat, forward folds, gentle twists, wild thing, cobra and Warrior 1 repetitively with variations.
  • Flow through a few more standing poses before moving into revolved triangle.
  • Guided relaxation with breath work on your back will ease you into rest.

Equipment: yoga block can be used for revolved triangle

All Levels