The philosophical system of tantra embodies many teachings and meanings. The literal definition of tantra is to “expand beyond all limitations” and it is also commonly translated as “to weave”. My favorite definition of tantra is “to have your heart touched”. In concise terms, tantra can be explained as energy management and divine interconnectedness.

Energy management is the practice of managing and using your energy (prana) in an efficient and controlled manner. In life terms, this means actively taking ownership to reduce our obstacles and limitations; and in practice, this could mean a variety of things. Examples include leaving toxic relationships, reframing negative thought patterns, meditating daily for increased focus, and valuing your time. Pranadharana is the essential strategy on which Tantra is based — the collection, stabilization and direction of prana (life force). Practicing energy management moves the heavier burdens in life out of the way to leave us feeling empowered, fulfilled and accomplished.

Divine Interconnectedness is the weaving of the material and spiritual worlds and holding a deeper understanding that the world is divine. Eternal bliss and freedom are not reserved for the afterlife, but they are instead realized by us while we are here on Earth.  It is up to us to awaken to the reality of our own potential and to see the infinite possibilities and beauty in the world around us. It is only by connecting to the sacredness of life and elevating our relationship to ourselves, that we can come to fully appreciate our life is an incredible gift and have our heart deeply touched.

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