Breathe and Be You

Physical, emotional and mental health all require attention and practice. At Breathe and Be Yoga, it is Andrea’s aim to create holistic practices that nourish and exercise your body, mind and spirit. You can expect mindful, energetically aligned practices for strength, stamina and mobility that simultaneously connect you to your inner voice for guidance. Throughout any format, the breath will remain your anchor and focal point so that you tune into your anatomical patterns, inner dialogue, vocabulary and emotions. Your experience maintaining presence on the mat is all one big practice for when you step off.  And with practice, you will better understand your thoughts, actions, motivations and patterns —

all while learning and loving,

how to breathe and be you.

Andrea’s Story

It is easy to get caught up in the spiral of life’s responsibilities, challenges and sorrows much at the expense of our well being. Many of us have visited this state of being. It’s exhausting, and the more we live in that space, the harder it can be to shift out of it. At the young age of 17 years old, I had hit rock bottom — devoid of purpose, love for my life, and love for myself. I was completely depleted mentally, physically, and emotionally. Loving oneself is sadly something many never learn to do.

I stepped onto my yoga mat that summer and started to pause for the first time in my life. I took yoga classes with my mom at our community rec center and simply started to watch myself breathe. I began to fall in love with my life on the mat, and eventually, in love with my life off the mat as well. I began to realize how much love is all around me and found a deeper understanding of who I was for the very first time. I realized the truth that I am so much more than a human body.

Over the years my understanding of love expanded into deep healing, forgiveness and compassion — both for myself and others. An understanding of suffering changed my relationships. As I began to see how many people around me hurt, I developed more compassion and realized the importance of yoga in my life. Compassion and forgiveness remain at the forefront of all my relationships and interactions.

Yoga ignited a transformation that would change me and change my life. I grew so much, I had a whole new dimension of me to share with those who had known me my whole life. As a result I’ve never stopped studying and practicing various styles of yoga and meditation, cognitive re-framing, journaling, physical fitness, holistic psychology, nutrition, naturalistic methods for healing and more. I couldn’t be more inspired to share the tools that have helped me transform my life with you. 

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